interactive book ideas

  • pop up tabs (in process of prototype)
  • popping bubble wrap with SMALL amount of ink inside to reveal letters underneath
  • use hole punch to punch message out
  • popsicle sticks come out to create stick people? or something?
  • look into red/blue glasses things? reveal secret messages?
  • spinner aspect with peek through
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design direction 3 

- create a website to be an online campaign resource

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- researchers have concluded that they are more bullied because

  • may have low frustration tolerance, when frustration increases and reaches a threshold it can lead to a melt down which make the person stand out as different

  • may have difficulty paying attention to more than one piece of info, may cause them to stay “stuck in conversation” and can have adverse effects on their social skills and make it difficult for them to hold conversations and make friends

  • kids with motor difficulties have difficulty reading, writing and participating in gym and are often made fun of on the playground and in class because they are unable to perform age-appropriate motor skills

  • kids with communication disabilities often have assistive technology devices that other students do not understand and view them as weird

  • kids with physical impairments move slower and this may be viewed as sign of weakness and precipitate physical or verbal abuse

- kids with disabilities are 2 to 3 times more likely to be bullied

- 60% of kids with disabilities report being bullied on a regular basis

- already have self-esteem issues so they are less likely to stand up for themselves

- power in numbers, peers are one of the best ways to prevent bullying—schools/bullying/—schools/bullying/articles/walk-a-mile-in-their-shoes.pdf

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brain dumping ideas

late night 3AM thoughts/ideas of directives

  • some sort of interactive puzzle?
  • interactive posters? maybe folding, etc?
  • book with “pull-outs” and other interactives for kids
  • interactive “pledge here” to pledge to stop using slurs (maybe set up a website for this? have at exit show?)
  • research other words that could be used in place of the slur and create poster series?
  • photos of not necessarily kids but the environments they live and spend time in and how much it doesn’t differ from that of normal children (posters with facts?)
  • a “see what its like” deal for kids without special needs? not sure how this would be executed but taking the devices that special needs kids use that they don’t understand and let them see what they are al about
  • if planning to rebrand the “pledge to end the R word campaign” it needs a specific name… ideas
         1. END
         2. end it
         3. pledge to end it
         4. stand UP
         5. zone 0
         6. people too
         7. their story
         8. above
         9. SAFE

to be continued….     

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design directions 2

- create an interactive book for children to play with and learn about those with mental disabilities

- maybe in addition to campaign?


book ideas:

  • utilize bubble wrap? have certain ones popped to reveal a message?
  • pull up tabs? again certain ones reveal message
  • crossword
  • pull out to reveal something else
  • optical illusions (see book from Moon)
  • pull out and assemble something?
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design directions 1

- so what can I do to help bring awareness to this? how do I want to shape the overall look of my campaign?
     - initial poster design?
     - note to self: EXTREMELY BASIC ideas that need more developingimage


     - idea to take photos of kids that display more of their personality?




- create campaign for awareness called “In Their Shoes”

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inspiration 2

- there are several campaigns to target just bullying in general, both physical and verbal 



- none of these are targeted towards those with special needs and when researching for more targeted campaigns, not much came up and what did surface didn’t really seem too authentic to the cause


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inspiration 1

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research questions

1. What age group is most affected? Is a specific race/gender more targeted?

2. How does this affect daily life for these people?

3. Are there any organizations working towards public acknowledgement?

4. What are ways to target those without mental disabilities that are bullying those who are?

5. What do people constitute as bullying when it comes to those with mental issues?

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initial problem

Although there are several campaigns and organizations devoted to stopping bullying, there are few, if any, devoted specifically to those with mental disabilities.

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